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  • green tickTrack your body over time, keeping your wellbeing on track.
  • green tickMonitor your BMI and Waist to Hip Ratio.
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  • green tickFind the foods that are key to your success and health.
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Your myvitality membership includes...

Tailored recommendations

Food & lifestyle changes in your Personal Plan.

Daily reminders

To help motivate you to make recommended changes.

Personalised Plan

Repeat your Personalised Wellness Plan every month.

Keep a food diary

To help track your dietary progress.

Search recipes

To help provide healthy recipe alternatives.

Keep track

Of your Waist to Hip ratio, calorie requirements, foods you have eaten, BMI and weight.

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3 months


$2.66 per month

6 months


$1.83 per month

12 months


$1.25 per month

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"I had tried every diet known to man and nothing worked. Then I found myvitality, it seemed that they were more interested in finding out about me and my body than just how many calories I ate. They worked out specific areas that I needed to concentrate on and after that everything seemed easy."

Connie - Denmark


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